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Maybe This is the Real Meaning of Life All Along

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31 October 1971
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Canonizations By Lola!


This is turning out to be one of my favorite quotes:

"This is not a time for feeling the warmth of life...it is Winter, after all, and things can be harsh. It's part of the cycle of things, and acceptance is the strongest ally one can have at these times. Things happen, change, and will break you if you are resistant, so you move as the reed in the wind, and let the irresistable force move past as it needs, for I am flexibly immovable.

Art comes from this. Wisdom and knowledge beyond what is ordinary. Being affected and raw is real. Feeling and hurting and healing is truth. It's all channeled back to the creative,the sublimation of the extraordinary into a universal language of beauty."

from this post by charmed_art

"Belief is the death of intelligence"

~~Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger

"Philip Pullman believes firmly in the virtues of healthy exercise and a moderate diet - for other people. It makes them feel virtuous, and makes them feel good if not happy. The most exercise he normally takes is unscrewing the top of the whisky bottle. If he liked the taste of tobacco, he would smoke vigorously. He is fond of sport, and plays it by watching television"

~~from Philip Pullman's biography on His Dark Materials


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